Please assist our Record Secretaries by entering your Match Results well in advance of the relevant cutoff:

Finals Eligibility

As per BDNTA By-Laws, teams are reminded that to qualify for finals:

Players must play at least 3 matches during the home/away season to qualify for finals for a particular night.

At least 2 of the minimum 3 matches must be played prior to Round 12.( i.e. minimum 2 matches played in Rounds 1 to 11 inclusive)

>In a FINAL if a player cannot continue a SET due to illness or other emergency, an eligible substitute may replace the player and

continue the set from WHERE LEFT OFF and may play ANY REMAINING SETS.

>In an UNFINISHED FINAL an eligible substitute may replace a player, on the next scheduled match date, who is prevented from

continuing the match, through illness, injury or any other good and sufficient reason.